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Professional cleaners you can trust

If you no longer have the time or energy to handle the cleaning of your home, you’ll need to find dependable professional cleaners to take over, but are you perhaps concerned with the standard of cleaning you can expect and the background of your cleaners? Checklist Maids steps up precautions on your behalf and matches you with insured and bonded pros for house cleaning service in Rego Park who went through a detailed vetting process, used to assess the candidates’ personality, credibility, professional experience and track record.

Green cleaning supplies for your safety

At Checklist Maids, we strive to give you excellent results and save you time through an efficient cleaning service tailored to your property, schedule and way of life, but not at the risk of compromising your health and safety at home. Instead of aggressive chemicals which leave dangerous residue and odors, the cleaners we dispatch rely on smart cleaning strategies, the right tools and green cleaning products which are tough on dirt, grease and grime but gentle on health and the planet.

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Tailored cleaning packages

Our whole process is designed to save you time every step of the way, starting with our convenient booking platform. Opt for a flexible cleaning package that best suits the needs of your household in Rego Park, be it standard cleaning or specialized post-renovation cleaning, and choose the cleaning service frequency that matches your lifestyle. We are here to work out a flexible cleaning service schedule that works best for you and makes your life easier, week in, week out.

Comprehensive Rego Park cleaning service

Rego Park’s cleaning industry professionals can handle all your requests:

Standard cleaning

Deep cleaning

Move in/move out cleaning

Post-renovation cleaning

Office cleaning

Why choose Checklist Maids:

In-depth screening process

All cleaners go through thorough background checks and in-person cleaning tests. This is the only reliable method of selecting  competent, trustworthy professionals.

Excellent customer care

To give you a higher standard of customer care, we plan ahead and work diligently on prompt coordination and smooth execution of your cleaning service.

All-natural cleaning products

Your cleaners will exclusively use safe, green, all-natural cleaning products. These get excellent results without causing or aggravating any health issues.

Time-saving platform

The whole Checklist Maids platform is based on a customer-oriented approach. Our convenient booking system saves you time from the get-go.

nothing matters

We guarantee your complete satisfaction

We strive to give you a fail-safe solution for the cleaning and maintenance of your home or office that will check all the boxes and make you absolutely satisfied with the results. For this reason, a final post-cleaning walk-through is normally included at the end of your cleaning service in Rego Park. Let us know if you were unsatisfied with the results in any way and get a re-clean of the area you were unhappy with within 48 hours of the complaint, at no additional charge!

Take it from our customers

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should house cleaning be done?

The demand for professional cleaning services across Queens is rising consistently among residential and commercial clients. But what is the optical professional cleaning frequency? It depends on various factors, such as your lifestyle, your own schedule and the property’s existing cleaning and maintenance routine.

At Checklist Maids, you can customize your cleaning service frequency and schedule to your needs and preferences. You can opt between monthly, bi-monthly and weekly cleaning. This enables you to maintain the cleanliness of your home throughout the year.

How long does it take for a maid to deep clean a house?

It doesn’t come as a surprise that a standard professional cleaning of a home in Forest Hills is considerably less time-consuming than a deep cleaning of a house in Rego Park, and the size and layout of the two houses is not necessarily the key reason for that. Unlike the standard package, deep cleaning is designed to tackle dirt, debris and build-up.

Since the deep cleaning package is more detail-oriented and time-consuming, it is recommended for the initial appointment in your home and in the event that it has been over a month since your last cleaning appointment. 

The deep cleaning checklist covers the following:

  • Scrubbing and removal of accumulated build-up
  • Baseboard and door frame cleaning
  • The standard cleaning checklist

What types of cleaning services are there?

At Checklist Maids, you will find a full scope of cleaning services for your home or office, including specialized services:

  • Standard cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Move in & Move out cleaning
  • Post-renovation cleaning
  • Office cleaning

What is the difference between a standard clean and move out cleaning?

A standard cleaning service is a maintenance cleaning service. This is designed to help you maintain the cleanliness of your home established during the initial appointment when your cleaner performs a deep cleaning service. Move in or move out cleaning services, on the other hand, are  ideal for anyone moving out or into a house, when the place needs to be exceptionally clean for the next occupant. 

Move in or move out cleaning covers all the tasks included in the Deep Cleaning package, cleaning inside the kitchen appliances, drawers, cabinets and closets, as well as spot-cleaning of all the interior walls. Other requirements for an efficient move in or move out cleaning service  are that the property must be vacated beforehand and have running water and working electricity.

How do I book a cleaning service in Rego Park now?

At Checklist Maids, you can book your cleaning service anywhere alongside Queens Boulevard, Woodhaven Boulevard or anywhere in between. Just like that, the Rego Park green cleaning service is mere clicks or a phone call away. As part of the community, we combine premium service with thoughtful customer care. 

Expect to receive a unique experience, from the moment you schedule your appointment right down to our mandatory follow-up call. Whether you are a loyal, longstanding customer or not, we will give you a dedicated service that prioritizes your safety and satisfaction. Schedule your initial appointment now!