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5 Surprising Facts About House Cleaning

March 24, 2022 by Dan Hurth

What do you know about cleaning? Just grab a microfiber cloth, a commercial product, and wipe, rub or scrub the ...

Bathroom Cleaning 101: How to Always Have a Pristine Bathroom

March 24, 2022 by Dan Hurth

A bathroom covered with mold and grime is never a pleasant sight, and not to mention unhealthy. As germs can ...

Carpet & Upholstery Disinfection 101

February 18, 2022 by Dan Hurth

Carpets and upholstery belong to high-touch surfaces. As such, they also need to be sanitized to prevent coronavirus and other ...

Guide to Cleaning & Disinfecting Light Switches

February 18, 2022 by Dan Hurth

What chores does your home disinfecting routine in Queens include? “The list is pretty long,” you’ll say as you want ...

Home Disinfection 101

January 21, 2022 by Dan Hurth

To protect your loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic, scrubbing surfaces around your home isn’t enough. You also need to ...

Your Guide to Disinfecting Electronics

January 21, 2022 by Dan Hurth

With the advent of modern technology, your home sanitizing routine has gotten a new challenge. How can you remove germs ...

Most Common New Year’s Cleaning Superstitions and Traditions 

December 23, 2021 by Dan Hurth

Have you ever wondered why many people always clean their houses meticulously before the end of the year? Some even ...

4 New Year Resolutions for a Cleaner House

December 22, 2021 by Dan Hurth

As the end of the year approaches, people usually take this moment to contemplate their lifestyle and wonder what changes ...

Pre-Winter Cleaning Checklist: All You Need to Know

November 30, 2021 by Dan Hurth

Keeping your home neat and tidy all year round is a New Year cleaning resolution you may have always found ...

5 Reasons Why Winter Is the Best Time to Clean Your House

November 30, 2021 by Dan Hurth

What would be the perfect moment to deep clean your home? People will typically say – the spring. The weather ...