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How New Technologies May Change Cleaning

by checklistmaids - September 19, 2023

How-New-Technologies-May-Change-CleaningWhen it comes to housekeeping, there’s an abundance of modern innovations promising to change your cleaning routine completely, taking it to the next level. These gadgets are advertised to speed up the entire process, rendering it more enjoyable and stress-free.

Nevertheless, you’d always rather hire professionals in Rego Park, NY, who offer a top-notch house cleaning service to take this burden off your shoulders, right? But it’s always good to keep up with modern technology, as you never know when you’ll need it. So check out the following state-of-the-art household tools list to enhance your home maintenance experience. Read on!

What is the latest technology used for cleaning?

Following the latest housekeeping trends isn’t a whim but a genuine necessity. Busy homeowners really need help in making house upkeep more manageable. The following technologies are devised to enable people to be more efficient in completing their chores:

Vacuum cleaning

  1. High-efficiency particulate air vacuum (HEPA) cleaners have special filters that trap at least 99.97% of airborne 0.3-micron particles such as mold, pollen, bacteria, and dust.
  2. Stick vacuums are a lightweight and more mobile version of standard vacuum cleaners. They don’t have powerful suction, but they can be valuable if you need to clean with your kids around and have to do a speedy clean-up.
  3. Robot vacuums come with numerous features. Generally, they’re designed to vacuum floors automatically thanks to their inbuilt anti-collision and anti-falli sensors.

Floor mopping

  1. Microfiber pad mops usually come with a spraying mechanism, allowing you to move freely, as you don’t have to drag a bucket along. They’re also more efficient at capturing impurities as microfiber is positively charged. They use less water and chemicals than regular string mops, and you can easily replace the microfiber pad with a new one.
  2. Steam mops are similar to spray mops. However, they emanate heat that can loosen hardened dirt. Consequently, you don’t need to apply any products or scrub hard. They’re great for tile or vinyl floors, but constant exposure to humidity and sudden temperature fluctuations may damage laminate and wood floors, so be mindful during use.
  3. Mopping robots boast numerous advantages, including an advanced navigation system enabling them to define a route on your floor and make it spotless without your direct engagement.

Scrubbing, wiping, and disinfecting

  1. UV-C sanitizing gadgets, such as UV-C wands, allow people to disinfect various household surfaces and items. This is an eco-friendly method of killing invisible threats, as you won’t be relying on heavy chemicals and releasing any DBPs or corrosive materials.
  2. Green cleaning products are a result of an increasing concern about indoor air quality and nature conservation. These solutions have gained popularity due to their unaggressiveness and dirt-removing efficiency.
  3. Steam cleaning devices utilize high-temperature steam to remove dirt and disinfect surfaces. Since they’re a chemical-free option that helps produce cleaner homes, they’re becoming more popular.
  4. Electric scrubbing brushes minimize the effort you need to invest while dealing with your furnishings and tiles. They’re available in different sizes and have numerous features, but generally, they work like an electric toothbrush. They’re ideal for tackling your grimy bathroom or removing hardened grime from your kitchen countertops.

What-is-the-latest-technology-used-for-cleaningWho in Rego Park, NY, offers a five-star house cleaning service?

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