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The Essential Office Cleaning Checklist

by checklistmaids - December 25, 2023

Where can I find all-inclusive office cleaning services near me in Queens, NYKeeping your office clean is essential for your organization as this ensures an optimal work environment and opportunity for your business to grow. But, if you have trouble finding the answer to the question: “Who provides trustworthy office cleaning services near me in Queens, NY?” you should first get familiar with the entire concept of workspace cleaning and what it entails.

To help you get an adequate answer, we’ve consulted the top commercial cleaning specialists in the field. Today, they’re ready to explain what an office cleaning checklist should include. Keep reading to find out more!

What does office cleaning consist of?

Commercial cleaning ensures that a workplace is sanitary, safe, and healthy for both your employees and visitors. Its frequency and tasks included, however, depend on your business’s nature, size, and your facility’s layout. But, normally, office cleaning consists of the following:

1. Dusting surfaces

Furniture, high-tech devices, and other surfaces are magnets for dust. Therefore, dusting is an essential part of every office cleaning routine. Professionals will use reliable supplies to get rid of all the impurities from your tables, shelves, desks, etc. 

2. Floor & carpet vacuuming

Floors and carpets attract a lot of dust and dirt as well, so they require constant care. Experts will use powerful vacuum cleaners (preferably those with HEPA filters) to collect as much grime and debris from these surfaces. 

When it comes to your carpets, cleaners may need to deep clean them from time to time. Some specialists rely on the power of steam for this purpose. The deep cleaning frequency depends on your carpets’ color, your premises’ size, and foot traffic.

3. Floor mopping

Your floors need to be mopped every day to keep your space hygienic. That’s why this task is an indispensable part of every commercial cleaning routine.

4. Removing trash

Trash may invade your space in no time. But don’t worry, experienced professionals will take care of it. They’ll empty all your trash cans and dispose of the garbage appropriately.

5. Bathroom & kitchen maintenance

Bathrooms and kitchens are heavily populated areas and thus need appropriate and constant attention. Bathroom cleaning usually includes washing and disinfecting toilets, sinks, countertops, floors, and mirrors. Kitchen cleaning involves dealing with sinks, countertops, appliances, and floors.

If there are any common areas where your coworkers spend their breaks, they’re covered too. Industry professionals will clean and disinfect all rooms with the utmost care.

What does office cleaning consist of6. Window cleaning

Windows fall in the category of surfaces that don’t require daily care. They may be dealt with once a week, once a month, or several times a month. The specific location and needs of your facility dictate the frequency.

7. Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting are two essentially different activities. The former is intended to remove dirt and debris, whereas the latter is to kill as many germs as possible. For this very reason, after cleaning the surfaces, professionals will use effective environmentally friendly disinfectants to eliminate all the invisible threats.

The targets are high-touch areas such as light switches, handles, knobs, and shared equipment. However, to prevent microbe circulation, all areas should be disinfected regularly.

8. Special requirements

If you have any particular requests, you can always negotiate with professionals to have them included in your office maintenance checklist.

Where can I find all-inclusive office cleaning services near me in Queens, NY?

Office cleaning is a serious task that should be completed by dependable professionals. Luckily, Checklist Maids offers top commercial services that will take your facility’s upkeep to the next level.

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