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The Evolution of Cleaning Products & Supplies

by checklistmaids - February 1, 2023

The-Evolution-of-Cleaning-Products-SuppliesWhen today’s people clean their homes, they can rely on various modern tools and products to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and easily. What’s more, the Internet is full of eco-friendly recipes if you’re an ardent DIYer. Or, if you lack time and energy, you can simply book green house cleaning services in Forest Hills, NY, and forget about the chores.

But have you ever thought about how our ancestors dealt with grime? They had no vacuum cleaners and weren’t aware of invisible germs that underlie all kinds of illnesses. So how did they take care of their home’s hygiene, and when did modern cleaning products start? Read the article below to find out.

How did people clean before chemicals?

Once people abandoned the nomadic way of life and built permanent settlements, they started thinking of methods to maintain their properties. Evidence indicates that ancient civilizations like Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans also paid very much attention to hygiene. They used ash, clay, mud, and animal fat to concoct upkeep solutions.

Now let’s examine some of the earliest cleaning supplies:

1. Water

People understood the importance of clean water from the very beginning. Almost all European caves where archeologists unearthed traces of early human existence are near natural springs.

The significance of fresh water didn’t wane with the first civilizations. For instance, Babylonians only used fresh water in their homes. Romans are considered the aqueduct and sewer system pioneers.

2. Primitive soap

Babylonians took the credit for making the first soap in human history. Evidence indicates that they combined ash with animal fat to make soap-like substances.

Egyptians had their variation of soap too. 3500-year-old Ebers papyrus testifies that they mixed vegetable and animal oils with alkaline salts to obtain maintenance solutions they also used for skin treatments. Greeks used clay, pumice, sand, and ash to wash their bodies.

Fun fact:

The Roman legend about Mount Sapo explains the origin of the term soap. This mountain was a place where people offered animals to their gods to please them. Then, rain would take the animal fat to springs at the bottom of the mountain. The fat deposited there and mingled with clay to form a crude version of soap. People soon discovered it and started washing their laundry with it.

3. Vinegar

Babylonians were the first to use vinegar too. Their scrolls indicate they used it as medicine, a preservative, and a cleaning agent. However, vinegar is believed to be invented by accident. Namely, ancient Babylonians stored some wine and forgot about it. After several months it turned sour.

Throughout history, people used vinegar for personal and household hygiene. For example, during the Black Plague, people soaked sponges in vinegar and used these to root out foul smells that spread around cities without sewage systems.

When did modern cleaning products start?

After the dark Middle Ages, when hygiene standards plummeted, Renaissance introduced a significant change in human perception of dirt. People learned about bacteria and their connection to grime and illnesses. So tidiness became fashionable again.

Nicolas Leblanc, a French scientist, made soda ash from common salt in 1791. He mixed it with fat and obtained soap. His discovery made the soap-making industry one of the most thriving industries in America by 1850.

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