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Making a DIY Home Project List (That You’ll Actually Complete)

by checklistmaids - January 31, 2020

DIY home project list

Photo by Emma Matthews

In our last post, we shared some tips to Gain Confidence by Starting Small: Declutter One Drawer. If you missed it, you can read it here. Today we’re discussing our second tip to help get your home refreshed and organized.

So here you go-

Tip 2: Making a DIY Home Project List (that you’ll actually complete).

Today, you’re going to create a list of home projects you want to work on this year (you know- “new year, new you”, right?)

Making a project list is pretty simple. Take an hour (or whatever time you need or can take today) to walk through every part of your home. If you can’t do a physical walk-through, try and visualize your space instead. Grab a notebook or a note-taking app on your phone, and start a list. We recommend making categories by room. Make sections for each room or area, then jot down any trouble spots you notice—whatever needs cleaning or organizing or repairing.

A few examples of things you might note are:

  • An unorganized or misused coat closet
  • Overcrowded and dusty bookshelves in the living room
  • A blown-out light bulb in the bathroom
  • Scuffs or marks in the baseboards
  • A junk drawer that is full of items you haven’t used in months or years…


To make it easier, we’ve shared the Google spreadsheet that we created and use. You can access it here. Just select ‘File’ and ‘Make A Copy’ and you’ll be able to make whatever changes you like to it. And because it’s Google, you’ll be able to access it from your phone or whatever device you choose from anywhere.

If you have trouble identifying what’s “off” in a space, we find that taking photos can give you a fresh perspective. As you walk through your home, use the camera on your phone to snap wide photos of your rooms and see if the lens reveals any cluttered areas or underutilized spaces.

This Home Project List is the list you’ll refer back to throughout the year. It’s a master plan of short- and long-term projects to make your space look and feel better.

Of course, if in going through your spaces you find some cleaning that’s needed, you can book your eco-friendly home cleaning here or call us at (718) 971-9785. Cleaning is what we do and we do it well (check out our reviews if you’d like.)

And if you’re up to it, let us know how your decluttering goes. If you take a before and after picture and send it to [email protected], we’ll give you a special discount off your next booking with us!

Happy list writing!