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Top 13 Laundry Hacks You Should Know

by checklistmaids - June 27, 2023

Have your dirty clothes been piling up because you’ve postponed doing laundry for so long? You simply don’t like the chore and find it tedious and time-consuming? We all have been there. With a house full of people, keeping laundry under control can be surprisingly challenging.

Well, don’t worry! There is a way out. Manhattan, NY, based professionals who provide trustworthy green cleaning services in the area, share the top 13 laundry hacks that will keep you on top of your assignment. Keep reading to find out more!

How to do laundry like a pro?

The key to doing laundry is to follow the right approach and focus on every detail. Listed below are some tips to help you out.

  1. Depending on the fabric type, washing instructions, and color, sort your dirty clothes into separate hampers. This way, you won’t have to inspect every piece of clothing once it’s time to do laundry.
  2. Pay close attention to clothing labels. Here you’ll obtain adequate information on how to deal with your laundry. You’ll know what temperature setting and washing method to use.
  3. If you see some stains, pre-wash them before placing the clothes in the washing machine. This will ensure they’re removed completely. You can buy a commercial stain remover or pour a few drops of detergent onto the problematic spot.
  4. Buy a detergent that’s appropriate for your clothes. It’s advisable to have special detergents for sensitive fabrics, colors, and whites. Always read the recommendations on the product packaging so that you get familiar with the appropriate dosage. 
  5. Set the temperature according to the fabric type. Higher temperatures are for whites and sheets. Lower water temperatures are ideal for colors and delicate items. 
  6. Make sure the washing machine is loaded properly. There should always be enough room for garments to move around without being tangled. You should also distribute the loads evenly and place sensitive clothing in a mesh laundry bag.
  7. To soften your clothes and decrease static cling, you can use dryer sheets or a nice-smelling fabric softener. Always make sure to adhere to the instructions for every product you use.
  8. Turn on the washing machine, selecting a wash cycle that suits your laundry type. If you’re unsure, read the washing machine manual that describes each cycle.
  9. Once the washing machine finishes its cycle, take the laundry out to tumble dry or air dry it. For each item, make sure you’re familiar with the appropriate drying method.
  10. Hang and fold dry clothes to avoid wrinkle formation
  11. Deep clean your washing machine with white vinegar regularly. This will prolong its work life and boost its performance.

What is the most efficient way to dry clothes?

The best way to dry your clothes depends on the fabric type, available space, weather, and personal preferences. Here are the two ways you can do it:

1. Air drying

The most gentle, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly clothes-drying method is air drying. You simply need to hang your clothes on a drying rack or a clothesline. You can do this inside or outside of your home, depending on the available space and weather.

It’s important to separate your items so they can dry evenly without getting stinky. This drying method is excellent for delicate clothing that would shrink in a tumble dryer.

2. Tumble dryingWhat is the most efficient way to dry clothes

If you can’t air dry your laundry due to lack of space or bad weather, you can still be economical and efficient with your tumble dryer. Here are a few tricks to bear in mind:

  • Sort the clothes depending on the fabric type. Thick and heavy items (towels, jeans, etc.) need more time to dry. So don’t dry them with lightweight clothes like T-shirts, dresses, underwear, etc. 
  • The moisture sensor feature is super-useful as it can detect the moisture level and when the items are dry. It’ll automatically stop the cycle, enabling you to save time, energy, and money.
  • Address the lint trap before every cycle. If your lint trap is clean, it’ll improve airflow, and your dryer will be more efficient.

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