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4 Summer Cleaning Tips

by checklistmaids - July 30, 2021

While you adore summer because of its long sunny days full of outdoor activities and adventures, you feel its downside whenever it’s time to spruce up your home efficiently. Sweeping, mopping and dusting seem even more time-consuming and difficult in hot weather. High temperatures make you sweat, lose energy, and feel more exhausted.

Hiring industry professionals who offer a house cleaning service in your neighborhood in Richmond, NY sounds like a reasonable solution for this situation. Cleaning experts can do the job efficiently while you bask in the sun.

But if you are determined to give yourself a real challenge, and sweat it out, we have prepared a few handy tips that will help you beat the heat as you clean. Keep reading to learn more!

Summer-Cleaning-TipsHow do you clean in hot weather?

Cleaning during the summer seems harder as high temperatures can demotivate you. You probably imagine yourself enjoying an ice cream instead of holding a broom. So you would rather toss the mop and run away to the beach.

However, here are a few tips to help you clean more easily during the summer if there’s no other way around it:

1. Choose the right time. Early morning is the best time to clean because you’ll probably have more energy and determination to clean. Maybe you can start right after your breakfast, and get everything done well before noon when the temperature starts to soar. You should avoid cleaning in the afternoon because it will probably be boiling. Late in the evening is not a clever idea as you’ll probably be too tired.

2. Divide the chores. Don’t do everything at once because you can easily overdo it. Instead, tackle one physically demanding task and a few lighter cleaning chores at one time. To make sure no area of your home is neglected, set up a cycle of chores.

3. Ask for help. Enlist help from your family members. The entire process will be less strenuous and stressful if everyone gets involved. Who knows, it might even be fun. Perhaps the heat won’t be that big of an issue with all of you working together. To get your children to participate, you can make teams, set the tasks, and time limit and everyone will have fun along the way.

4. Use only natural cleaning agents. Some cleaning solutions, such as bleach, release toxic fumes, and bleach can be dangerous in certain scenarios. Make sure to avoid using them improperly, especially if babies and kids are around.

Instead, opt for eco-friendly alternatives that will give optimal results without jeopardizing your family’s wellbeing. Vinegar and baking soda have proven to be a mighty duo in combating all sorts of dirt. You can even use white vinegar for your home gym equipment.

Extra tips: be mindful of your body. Don’t wear anything uncomfortable that will make you sweat even more. Also, make sure to keep hydrated. Drink lots of water and by all means avoid caffeine as it has a mild diuretic effect and it will just make it harder for your body to retain water for cooling purposes.

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