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Quick Guide to Cleaning Around Kids

by checklistmaids - August 27, 2021

Plenty of cleaning agents contain hazardous, even life-threatening, chemicals. Keep this in mind whenever it’s time to give your home a decent scrub with your kids around. You’ll want to be super cautious about every single product you use. The safety and well-being of your little ones become the top priority when choosing the right cleaning solution for your living space.

To avoid wasting your time deciphering all ingredients on labels, why not hire a trustworthy Richmond Hill house cleaning service? Professionals will know how to spruce your home up without any harmful products. However, if you feel up to the task of doing it yourself, our cleaning experts have answered some common questions for you. Read on!


Is cleaning with vinegar safe for kids?

You may have always cleaned your house with white vinegar as it is excellent at combating all sorts of dirt. It can disinfect your home gym equipment, and it is great for deep-cleaning your washing machine, to name just a few applications. On top of that, it’s 100% natural. It leaves no toxic residue, so there are no harmful effects on the environment. But is it safe around babies and little kids, you may wonder?

Of course, it is. It doesn’t release any dangerous lung-threatening fumes into the air. Since it’s natural, it means that it doesn’t contain any jeopardizing components.


Even though white vinegar is not toxic, you have to be careful where you store it as it is acidic (the acidity is greater than 25%). Swallowing it can cause stomach distress, and prolonged exposure to sensitive skin can cause some irritation. If your kid swallows some vinegar, rinse the mouth thoroughly with water. Then, give some milk or water to the child to neutralize the stomach irritation. If the skin gets in contact with vinegar, simply wash it with gentle soap and water.

What cleaning products are safe around babies?

Most cleaning products abound with unhealthy substances, so you should read the labels carefully before buying any commercial cleaners. Keep an eye on words like caution, danger, toxic, warning, as they indicate the product contains unsafe ingredients. Here are some of the chemicals you should avoid:

Depending on the exposure, these chemicals can lead to serious health issues, including skin, eye, and throat irritation, headaches, and even asthma.

However, there are many commercial products specially made for cleaning around babies, and you can try them out. But, instead of rushing to the store, you can look around your pantry. Some alternative cleaning solutions are probably already there. Let’s look at some of them:

    1. Baking soda: It is eco-friendly, and you can use it around your house. You can also combine it with white vinegar for ultimate results.
    2. Lemons: They are antibacterial and antiseptic, and great for dealing with sticky surfaces, for instance.
  • Essential oils: Not only do they smell wonderful and calm our nervous system, but they are also renowned for their antibacterial and antifungal properties. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your DIY white vinegar mixture, but make sure to use organic cold-pressed oils.

Extra tips: Whatever products you use, make sure babies are not in the room you are cleaning. Don’t forget to ventilate the area to allow fresh air to circulate.

What-cleaning-products-are-safe-around-babiesWhere in Richmond Hill can I find an eco-friendly house cleaning service for my home?

If you don’t feel like experimenting with homemade cleaning solutions, and just can’t read all those long ingredient lists to find child-safe products, we have some great news for you. You don’t have to do it anymore. Instead, Let Checklist Maids’ professionals do the job for you.

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