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5 Tips for Staying Safe While Cleaning

by checklistmaids - October 31, 2022

Housekeeping isn’t just about making the surfaces dust-free, but it’s also about staying safe and creating a healthy environment for your family. Home maintenance can pose a threat to your well-being if done recklessly or randomly. Imagine the sting of harsh chemicals splashing into your eyes. It would be very unpleasant at the very least.

That’s why safety should be one of your primary concerns while making your home spick and span. Professionals who offer maid services in Richmond Hill, NY, are ready to share five essential house cleaning safety tips with you today. Keep reading to learn more!

What are the risks of cleaning?What are the risks of cleaning?

The list of hazards awaiting you while scrubbing your home is long. From handling harmful chemicals and maneuvering around objects on the floor to climbing up a ladder, to name just a few. Luckily, there are a few tips that can help you stay safe.

Tripping and slipping

To avoid falling over items on your floor, declutter first. This step is beneficial because you won’t need to kick a box lying on the floor or step on your children’s toys once you get to business. Secondly, you’ll have direct access to all the surfaces you need to wipe.

Also, wear appropriate anti-slippage shoes that provide balance and stability to protect yourself from slipping. Finally, never walk over a wet surface. Let it dry before stepping onto it to avoid another slipping and falling hazard.

Ladder or step stool dangers

If you need to climb up a ladder or stand on a step stool, always place them on level ground. Also, choose step stools that come with handles or railings which offer additional support (you can hold on to the handle/railing while housekeeping as an extra safety measure). The steps should be wide enough to accommodate your feet, and you should always face the stool while climbing up and down.

Back injuries

Don’t lift anything heavy without help. Likewise, don’t put a lot of strain on your back. Instead, use leg muscles by bending your knees to protect your spine and avoid back injuries.

Getting in contact with harsh chemicals

To avoid inhaling dangerous fumes or exposing your skin and eyes to aggressive chemicals, wear appropriate PPE. These include rubber gloves, face masks, and safety glasses.

You should always buy exclusively EPA-registered supplies. Also, ventilate the area properly and read the labels carefully as you don’t want to use the wrong dosage or mix chemicals that don’t mix well together. That is extremely dangerous for your health as some toxic residue may be left behind or you could cause an unpredictable chemical reaction.

You can also opt for milder, eco-friendly alternatives. Baking soda and white vinegar are excellent at combating different kinds of grime and are harmless. If you have kids or pets, store all the chemicals in an out-of-reach cabinet. We all know how children and animals are curious and we definitely don’t want them digesting harmful substances.


Home upkeep can be a great workout as it burns a lot of calories. This mainly goes for spring cleaning, when you tackle chores you don’t deal with daily. So, make sure to drink a lot of water and take breaks.

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