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4 Ways to Prevent Cluttering

by checklistmaids - March 9, 2023

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining order in your household is probably keeping clutter under control. Sometimes it seems as if it’s going to swallow your house, and you probably feel frustrated whenever you see books or toys all over the place.

What is the root cause of clutter

Freeing your home from clutter is challenging. You need to face yourself and your habits, as those scattered belongings didn’t fall from the sky. You and your family members brought them somehow. But there is a way out. Follow these four clutter-prevention hacks experts who offer maid services in Forest Hills, NY share today, and your home will soon be neat and tidy. Read on!


What is the root cause of clutter?

To get rid of suffocating clutter, you first need to analyze what generated it in the first place. Below are listed four common causes. 

Excessive buying

How many times have you gone shopping and then returned home with dozens of items you didn’t plan to buy and have nowhere to place? This has happened to almost everyone.

After a few purchasing adventures like this, you can quickly end up with stuff that has no purpose in your house. So you just move it from one spot to the other or toss it in the attic.

The only way out is a shopping list. Before each shopping trip, take your time to think about what you need and jot everything down. Then when you go to the store, you’ll have a reminder of what’s essential and what’s not.

Keeping things “just in case”

Many people hesitate to purge something as they believe they might need it sometime in the future. If you’re among them and can’t let go of some items because you’re afraid you’ll regret it, just think about the last time you used them. If it was years ago, then you can probably part with them. 

Keeping things because of their sentimental value

If you still keep your university notebooks or gifts from a dear person you don’t need or like, you’re just going to overload your drawers and shelves with an unnecessary burden. 

Just think how you’d feel if you had some extra space for new memories or gifts you actually like. You can’t keep all the presents you’ve ever gotten as, in this case, your home can turn into a storeroom. So take your time to gauge what pleases you and what only represents another piece of clutter.

Decluttering seems overwhelming

If the thought of going through your belongings and deciding what to keep and what to throw away seems stressful, just try to change your perspective. Cleanup and decluttering may seem stressful, but strive to perceive it as a relieving and liberating process allowing you and your home to breathe. 

Bonus tip:

If you read a book and then toss it on the couch, or drink tea and leave the mug on the coffee table, no wonder your home will soon look messy. To avoid this, try to place every item back in its original place. This habit will give your house a much neater look. 

What is the 20/20 rule for decluttering?

You might be aware of what caused clutter in your household, but nevertheless, you still can’t figure out what to eliminate, right? If this is the case, resort to the 20/20 rule for decluttering. 

If you can replace something for 20 dollars and 20 minutes or less, meaning it’s cheap, and you can get it in a store around the corner, you can purge it without feeling guilty. You can buy it easily once you need it.

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