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Healthy Home Environment Tips

by checklistmaids - January 29, 2021

To improve your health, you focus on your diet, do exercises, take yoga classes, go to the countryside, etc. However, because of your busy daily schedule, you could get distracted enough to overlook one important factor: your surroundings.

Your home has a crucial bearing on your mental and physical health. Ideally, it should be a cozy shelter where you feel calm after a chaotic day at work.

So think about it for a second. How does your home make you feel? Do you feel like you can’t breathe? Does it make you feel anxious and stressed? Why is that? Are you a slave to your messy home? Does it define your day-to-day life?

If so, consider ways to improve it. You can always consult trustworthy professionals, and hire house cleaning services in your neighborhood in Manhattan to spruce it up. But there is something else you could do. Let’s see what it is.

How to create a healthy home environment?

Creating a healthy home isn’t necessarily time-consuming. You don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle or introduce extreme changes. You just need to apply some simple routines.

Check this out:

  • How to create a healthy home environmentPull back your drapes, open your windows, and let fresh air and sunlight in. This way, your house will bathe in natural sunlight, which improves your mood, lowers fatigue, and reduces eye-strain. And fresh air will force out the polluted indoor air boosting the indoor air quality.
  • Scrub the place regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust and mold. Accumulated dust can cause serious health issues, including allergies and asthma, as it lowers air quality. Mold may cause severe damage to your house if neglected and endanger your health causing eye irritation, sore throat, and skin reactions.
  • Be careful about what you bring into your house and how you store it. Skip VOC-rich products as they can cause numerous health issues. Avoid plastic, and be mindful about carpets and rugs, as they may release toxic gasses. Opt for eco-friendly alternatives, and try to buy natural fabric, and glass or ceramic food containers. Also, you can try making harmless DIY cleaning and disinfecting products that won’t jeopardize your health.  Keep all cleaning supplies safely out of reach of your kids and pets.
  • Buy essential oils. Even if it sounds like some new age nonsense, essential oils truly can lighten your mood, relieve your headaches, and introduce a sense of tranquility into your home. The list of essential oils and their benefits is never-ending. Orange oil promotes a positive mood, lavender oil reduces physical and mental stress levels, to name just a few. Try them out, and see which suits you best.
  • Grow houseplants. They increase humidity and thus offset the heating systems’ drying effects and purify the air. This can help people with respiratory issues, headaches, and allergies. NASA researchers determined that certain houseplants can remove some pollutants like benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. According to the agency, the best plants for this purpose include Peace Lily, English Ivy, Bamboo Palm, Red-edge Dracaena, etc. Indoor gardening is also a rewarding past-time activity that boosts feelings of well-being among people with depression, anxiety, and dementia.

Where to find matchless green house cleaning services in Manhattan?

Where to find matchless green house cleaning services in Manhattan

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You can rely on our team completely, as our mission is to provide you with a service you have been longing for for a long time. So, enjoy your spare moments outdoors and take breath-taking photos from the Manhattan Bridge, while we eliminate the dirt in your house safely. Go ahead, contact us today!