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6 Ways to Get Your Spouse to Help With Housework

by checklistmaids - August 25, 2023

Let’s talk about it. All couples generally strive to maintain an organized and harmonious living space, but different attitudes about cleanliness can sometimes cause hiccups. For instance, if your partner doesn’t pay much attention to restoring order in your living place, it can cause some frustration if you feel left in charge of everything, right?

You can always hire trustworthy maid services in Jamaica, NY, to spare you from unnecessary stress and just treat yourself (and your house). Of course, your partner should still understand that everyone has to take their share in your home upkeep, but that’s another story.

So how can you possibly motivate your spouse to participate? Here are 6 helpful tips and tricks to give you some ideas. Read on!

How do I motivate my partner to cleanHow do I motivate my partner to clean?

No one’s perfect. The best way to stimulate your partner to clean is to be considerate and collaborative. Here are 6 things you can do:

1. Cherish open communication. 

Constant criticizing or blaming never bears fruit. Instead, try to convey your feelings and opinions about your partner’s participation in living space maintenance in an honest and friendly conversation.

You can explain how a well-organized living space makes you feel and how it’ll be more achievable if you both take an equal share.

2. Be in your partner’s shoes.

Take a moment to hear what your partner has to say. A busy schedule or different upbringing might account for their inability to prioritize cleaning. When you know your partner’s perspective, you both are more likely to find a solution that’s acceptable for both of you.

3. Don’t forget to compromise.

If your partner has never considered cleaning a significant part of their life, it’s vital to discuss your future cleaning routines, schedules, and tasks. Be flexible and adjust your cleaning projects to meet each other’s obligations. This may look like breaking cleaning into smaller manageable chunks and delegating different tasks to certain days.

4. Be patient and flexible.

If your partner fails to do their share, try to take a breath. Maybe their day at work was hectic, or they arrived home too late. In this case, discuss the best way to stay on top of the assignment. It’ll probably involve rescheduling some chores. 

Also, have patience, as your partner might need time to get accustomed to your new routine. Pressuring is usually contra-productive. Be supportive, give them (and yourself) grace. 

5. Make cleaning more fun.

Since cleaning involves a lot of moving, bending, and stretching, you can consider it a workout. You can turn on your favorite music, grab pedometers and count who makes more steps. 

You can devise a checklist for both of you, set a timer and get into a competition mood. This will definitely make the whole idea of cleaning more attractive and inspire your partner to engage. Also, this would be an ideal moment to include your kids (if you have any) and teach them to tidy up

Finally, you can implement a reward system. Does a movie or dinner out sound appealing? You can treat yourself after every successful mission.

6. Set a good example.maid services jamaica ny

You can show your partner your willingness to contribute to the cleaning process by taking the initiative. When they see your commitment, they may be stimulated to do the same (and if they’re not, don’t forget tip #1).

Final notes

The goal of a healthy environment is for both partners to feel comfortable and respected. You should always elude understanding, empathy, compassion, and willingness to find a solution that makes you both appreciated and satisfied. 

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