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Cleaning as a Workout: All You Need to Know

by checklistmaids - August 25, 2023

Everyone doesn’t enjoy cleaning as it can include a lot of tiring, repetitive activities. You probably feel bored whenever you need to spruce up your home in Jamaica, NY, too. That’s why relying on professional maid services is what you always go for.

But what if we tell you that a slight change of perspective can alter your perception of housekeeping? If you want to stay fit, sweeping and mopping can help you achieve your goal. Want to learn how this is possible? Keep reading to learn more!

Can you get a workout from cleaningCan you get a workout from cleaning?

Do you feel tired or even a bit sweaty after your regular clean-ups? This is because cleaning activates your muscles to a certain degree and can help you tone them and burn calories. That’s why it can be considered a decent workout contributing to your overall health.  

A good idea is to include your partner or even organize a cleaning competition with your kids, who need to learn about the importance of cleanliness and make tidying up more fun.

Here are some usual cleaning activities and the muscles they target:

  1. Going up and down the stairs. If cleaning your living space means going up and down a flight of stairs many times, this will activate your lower body muscles (yaaaasssss thighs!).
  2. Dusting around your place. This chore includes a lot of stretching and bending. This way, you’ll engage muscles in your upper body and arms. If you crouch as well, you’ll definitely feel it in your legs.
  3. Sweeping and mopping. If you push a broom or a mop, you’ll target your core, upper body, and legs. You may even get a low-impact cardio workout, depending on your movements’ intensity.
  4. Vacuuming can engage your whole body as you need to push and pull your vacuum cleaner. You can also feel your heart rate increase.
  5. Scrubbing strengthens your upper body, especially your arms. It even counts as a cardio workout.  

However, even though you can shed some calories while cleaning, it can never replace a well-rounded aerobic, strength, or flexibility practice.

How many calories does 2 hours of cleaning burn?

How many calories you’ll burn during a 2-hour maintenance session depends on your weight, the type of tasks, how vigorously you perform it, and your overall fitness. Most common cleaning activities usually burn around 150-200 calories, which means that if you clean effectively for 2 hours, you’ll burn approximately 400 calories.

Which household chores burn the most calories?How many calories does 2 hours of cleaning burn

Some maintenance activities are more physically demanding than others and can help burn a particular amount of calories. Here is a list of common chores and the approximate number of calories they can help you shed:

  1. Vacuuming your floors, especially carpeted ones, can burn around 220 calories an hour. The exact number depends on the amount of effort you invest.
  2. If you mop your floors for one hour, you’re on an excellent way to shed approximately 230 calories.
  3. Scrubbing your floors involves a lot of effort and can help you burn even 250 calories.
  4. Heavy cleaning, which usually involves moving furniture, going up and down the stairs, lifting cumbersome things, etc., can help you burn the most calories: 400 per hour.

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