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How to Teach Your Kids to Clean

by checklistmaids - July 25, 2023

Think of yourself when you were a kid. Did you like tidying up after yourself? Probably not, as you had a million more fun things to do. When you think of it better, you don’t even enjoy housekeeping now when you’re a grown-up, right?

Even though cleaning after yourself can be tiresome, it can aid your children’s mental development by teaching them to take responsibility for their deeds. So how can your kids learn to clean up after themselves?

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In the article below, professionals who provide green cleaning services throughout Jamaica, NY, share 5 hacks on how to teach your kids the significance of cleanliness. Keep reading to learn more!

At what age do kids learn to clean?

Various factors can influence when children can learn how to clean. These include accepted social practices, your kid’s age, and your expectations as a parent. Listed below are suggestions of chore types kids can handle at different developmental stages:

  • Toddlers: As soon as your kids start walking, you can begin to teach them to pick up toys and put books or clothes back.
  • Preschool age: Some children can learn to complete more tasks at this age. For instance, they can pick up their toys, make beds, and take dirty clothes to the hamper. You can even teach them to deal with spills (with your assistance, of course).
  • Schoolage /teenagers: As your kids grow, they can assume more demanding responsibilities and help you with the dishes and laundry. They can vacuum, mop floors, and help you with meals.

Pro tips:

  • Ensure that chores are age-appropriate and safe for each child based on their own abilities.
  • If you encourage your kids to participate in your cleaning routines early on, this will help them cultivate a sense of self-sufficiency and independence.

How do you teach children the importance of cleanliness?

At what age do kids learn to cleanHere are 5 innovative strategies to help you motivate your children to tidy up and understand why cleanliness matters:

  1. Familiarize your kids with the concept of tidiness from an early age. Even toddlers can learn to pick up toys after they finish their game.
  2. Always explain in detail why cleanliness is crucial in their lives. Clean hands stop diseases, and uncluttered surfaces prevent accidents. Use appropriate language your kids can digest and rely on illustrative examples.
  3. Set an example. You can’t expect your kids to tidy up after themselves if you keep scattering your belongings around you. Kids tend to imitate their parents’ behavioral patterns, so lead by example.
  4. Make cleaning appear more fun. No one likes repetitive activities, such as mopping the floor or washing the dishes after every meal, so make these chores seem less tedious for your children. You can play your favorite music or organize a competition with appealing awards.
  5. Avoid re-doing after your kids. If your kids spend a lot of time cleaning their bedroom, don’t go after them to “fix it.” This will discourage them and make them more reluctant to do it next time. If the bed isn’t perfectly made, and the sheets look lumpy, just leave it be. The effort is more significant and not the result. As your kids grow, they’ll become more skillful at fulfilling the tasks.

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