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Cleaning Your Bedroom: All You Need to Know

by checklistmaids - September 29, 2021

When you enter your bedroom, do you like what you see? Is it tidy? Does it make you feel relaxed? Visitors may not enter it, but this doesn’t mean you should postpone cleaning it forever. This is where you spend your nights, so just imagine how dust can affect your health. Research has even indicated that clutter and dirt can influence your mood too. Therefore, keeping your bedroom in spick-and-span condition is crucial for your overall well-being.

But, if you’ve just finished cleaning your garage, or restoring order in the basement of your home in Jackson Heights, NY, then perhaps you no longer have the energy or time to do another chore. So, why not hire a trustworthy cleaning service for your bedroom? There’s no doubt, professional cleaners will make it shine.

However, if you change your mind and decide to try and spruce up your bedroom yourself, we’ve answered the most common questions for you. Read on!

Cleaning-Your-BedroomWhat is the best way to clean a bedroom?

If you want to tidy up your bedroom efficiently, you’ll need a well-devised cleaning strategy. Before plunging in, take a moment to think about all the tasks you need to do. Consider if you just need to do a quick clean-up, or a deep clean of your bedroom because you’ve neglected it for a long time. Make a list of chores, and try to estimate how much time you’ll need to finish them off.

Also, prepare all tools and cleaning supplies you think you’ll need. Thus, you’ll avoid wasting time looking for a misplaced mop or microfiber cloth once you get down to business. Pay close attention to products you use too, and make sure to buy EPA-approved cleaning agents that won’t jeopardize your health. With all this at hand, you are ready to go!

What should you clean first in a bedroom?

You don’t want to make an even greater mess. Your master bedroom cleaning plan needs to contain one more factor: the order in which you’ll complete all the tasks.

Cleaning experts advise decluttering first. This way, you won’t have any distractions while cleaning. So pick up the dirty shirts off the floor, and throw them in the laundry. Put the other stuff you might have lying around where they belong. Make room to get direct access to all areas that you need to clean.

Then, professionals suggest applying the top-to-bottom approach, meaning start with the highest areas. They explain that if you clean the floor first, or change the bedding, and then dust your top shelf, you’ll only make your floor and bedding dirty again. So start with wiping your fans and ceiling light fixtures. Then, go to high corners, the top of your closet, picture frames, and gradually move towards the floor.

How often should you deep clean your bedroom?

How often you should deep clean your bedroom mainly depends on your lifestyle. Whether you have small kids and pets is crucial too. Kids can clutter your room in no time, and pet hair can significantly impact the room’s cleanliness.

It is advisable to declutter, dust, wipe, and vacuum your bedroom once a week as you don’t want to face a serious build-up of grime, viruses, and bacteria. Also, you should change your bedding every seven days to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Certain areas you can tackle less frequently. For instance, wipe your light fixtures once a month. Also, move the bed and the bedside table to access the hidden areas at least once a month too.

Or, even less frequently: deep clean your closets once every two or three months. Use this opportunity to double-check if you really need all those clothes, or you can donate some pieces. Deep clean your mattress once a year, or if you notice some odors, you can tackle this task more frequently.

Final notes: As you can see, there is no final answer to the question of how frequently you should roll up your sleeves and deep clean your bedroom. Each house has its own dynamic, and you need to adjust your cleaning routine accordingly.

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